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Products Architecture
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Products Architecture

All the software is designed and developed on Microsoft .NET SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), with a strong orientation to service use, both internal (within our software tiers) and external to the company (such as for the use of Web Services).
The “Remote Windows Client” mode refers to the possibility of installing the Windows Client in each PC, connected to the servers through the Web.

This allows using all the Windows functionality as if it were local while working through the Internet. The installation of the Windows clients (locally or remotely) is carried out with Clickonce, which automatically installs and manages the software installed in each PC (it updates automatically if there are new versions).

All the products are .NET, so that “updating” (even if it is done automatically), implies only copying files. In the case of traveling laptops, our software detects automatically if the connection is LAN or by Web and it autoconfigures itself, making it very easy to use, always with the same interface. The election of the Terminal Server, Local Client, Remote Client or Web is optional, can be mixed and it depends on the requirements and possibilities of each customer user, as well as the strategic definitions offered by the company systems management.
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