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Magma CRP
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Magma CRP

What is Magma CRP?

MagmaCRP (Construction Resource Planning) is a product of the range of ERP's, strongly oriented "Management and Production Control Works".
It is based on the MagmaTools tool, which gives you great flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations.
General characteristics:

Multicountry, Multiempresa, Multicurrency. Built with its own tool "MagmaTools". multidimensional analysis: Company, Work, accounts, cost centers, Articles, etc. Free creation of classifications entities (customers, items, accounts, etc). Integrated with Microsoft Office. Running through Web. Zooming in reports. Facilities to seek and obtain information (income based analyzers filters "QBF" with outputs in grids with encolumnados groups and variables, cubes, graphs, etc.). Using Monitors for easy operation, input trays, carts, etc. Strong security levels: per transaction by transaction type, by type of information (applied, for example, bills fees).


Project-based accounting (separating Legal and Management) Progress management, forecasts of basic, additional reductions of works, parametric adjustments. Works contribution Overheads according to its progress. Distribution of internal project costs (equipment). Multiple classifications of accounts and cost centers. automatic posting from system transactions. Continuous management accounting information without closures.

Work Management:

Dashboard Works. (Progress, forecasts, certification, managing subcontracts, indicators, charts, statements of taxable amounts, etc.). All operations are backed by movements in management accounting. Profitability reports. Analyzers progress.

Current accounts:

Automatic application (on invoices) financial advances. Stockpiles prepayments, retention monies generation, credit certificates, receipts. Current accounts separated by Net and Taxes. unified view of Debtors and suppliers. multiple authorizations, management roles (eg Project Manager). Consolidated Billing analyzers and balances.


Special handling billing codes (Basic or Settings. Original or additional, reductions Works, etc). Handling different dates Accrual on each invoice. Assignment no. Of certificates.


Subcontracts management. Dates Accrued jobs. Applications Purchasing, Purchase Orders, Receptions, quality control. Holiday hiring. Tolerances vs purchase orders invoices, credit notes control to receive. Authorization levels. Traceability.


Automatic payment process "batch" for large volumes of information. Multiple levels of authorization, batch management Letters to the bank, issuing checks, etc. Management fixed funds


Free definition of the types of operations to perform in different bank accounts Maintenance and control of checkbooks with the situation of each (issued, canceled, etc.) Bank Reconciliation module (import of extracts, management of rules linking variables, automatic reconciliations, manuals, autoconciliaciones, etc)


Import / export from and to Excel spreadsheets for maintenance. Comparison between actual and budgeted, based on the power of the analyzers information.

Fixed assets:

Control physical location final definition of "is good use?" at the level of the Purchase Orders to separate activatable consumption goods. Control Works, accounting unit and cost centers Depreciation / revaluation and tax accounting Automatic generation of amortization and revaluation nod


Magma BUS

Magma BUS is a comprehensive solution that solves operational business management and transport of passengers and cargo, for short, medium and long distance processes.

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agma ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)his is a software product that provides a set of interrelated modules for company management process automation and control. 

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MagmaTools (Development Tool Set) is the name of the tool suite developed for the building and/or modification of company oriented applications. 
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