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Magma BUS
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Magma BUS

What is Magma BUS?

Magma BUS is a comprehensive solution that solves operational business management and transport of passengers and cargo, for short, medium and long distance processes.
Since the first versions of Windows, Magma has worked as a business partner of Microsoft, using advanced technology for the development and implementation of their solutions. This has allowed us to develop the solution Magma-BUS in Windows environments, over local area networks (LAN) and also in WEB environments for remote sales positions. SQL Server is used since its 2008 release onwards and native integration with MS-Office and mail systems. Turn allows servers placed directly on Azure (Microsoft Cloud).

Magma-BUS, in its structural modules Traffic, Workshop, Administrative and Accounting Management, is built using Magma Tools.

This allows implementation, be tailored to the particular needs of each company, respecting the Modelon basis enabling migration to new technologies.

Why it is considered a unique product in the region?

Magma-BUS was created from the start as a Global System comprising all areas of a transport company in a unified way. Its basic entities (units, employees, local, etc.) are global in modules where they operate. There is no duplication in data entry or data transfer between systems.

The data log is updated on-line in all modules involved. Complete integration in a single product As an example, a sale of tickets has real-time impact on the box, in booking seats, and control traffic on a turn. In turn simply close the box generates the accounting impact of the sale automatically.

Complete integration in a single product the only module not developed by Magma, which integrates Magma BUS is the system of liquidation of assets (People developed by TRAINS) that is integrated structurally to the data model Magma BUS. Can generate and incorporate seats settlement automatically to the accounting module, and determine salaries based on Kms tours, discount for cash advances paid, etc.


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