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Magma ERP
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Magma ERP

Magma ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)his is a software product that provides a set of interrelated modules for company management process automation and control. It is framed within the ERP category, for the medium and large company range, serving platforms of between 10 and 400 concurrent users. All frequently asked questions about Magma ERP.
What kind of companies is it designed for?

This solution is designed to be used by medium and large organizations. The range of concurrent users varies between 10 and 400 and covers all the management areas in general.

What databases can it work with?

SQLServer, Informix, Oracle

What is it developed on?

The application has been developed on the Magma Tools high productivity tool set. These tools enable modeling the application completely from the definition of the data structure to the most complex transactions.

What operating systems does it work on?

Database Server Windows Server Unix Linux

Applications Server

Windows 2008 onwards  

WEB Applications Server (Optional)

Windows 2008 onwards 

Client stations:

Client applications can be operated on:

Windows 7 onwards     

What is the average installation time?

It depends on the number of modules to be implemented and the company adaptability to the available model circuits. If it matches the model circuits, implementation can be carried out in around 10 to 12 weeks.

In the case of projects that require customized parameterization, and the inclusion of all the modules, lead times to production vary from 3 to 6 months. It is important to highlight that a determining factor of implementation times is the level of documentation available about the shape and scope of the modules to be installed.

How do version changes affect the installations that have been custom-parameterized?

Version changes of Magma ERP relate to the tool set used for system parameterization. Since transactions reside in the database tables, the new versions of the form editor and transaction executor continue operating on them while they all respect the embedded function. This way all the effort applied to building circuits is respected and future compatibility is guaranteed.

How can Magma ERP coexist with third party systems or in-house developments?

The level of integration will depend on various factors, where one of the most important is the use of a common database engine. In this case there can be a strong integration since by using the tool, the external system tables can be used as the system own ones.

Another alternative is handling the data import / export facilities through an especially designed module that acts as a generic in / out tray. This process is optimized to process large data volumes. Can I execute directly on an Internet Browser? The current version can work indistinctly on Windows or on an Internet browser without the need for third party products.
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