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Magma ERP
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Magma ERP

What is?

Magma ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)his is a software product that provides a set of interrelated modules for company management process automation and control. It is framed within the ERP category, for the medium and large company range.
ts concept and design has evolved from Unix environments on Informix databases, to the current latest generation product series, working on different platforms and databases (SqlServer, Oracle and Informix). This product has been developed using MagmaTools, which is integrated as part of the solution, enabling its continuous evolution. It includes the following components:

• Central Accounting (Multi-Company / Multi-Currency / Multi-Country)
• Integrated Current Accounts (Suppliers, Debtors, Loans, etc.)
• Finance (Cash, Banks, fixed funds)
• Invoicing
• Imports
• Durable goods
• Economic / Financial Budget
• Purchasing
• Stock


Magma CRP

MagmaCRP (Construction Resource Planning) is a product of the range of ERP's, strongly oriented "Management and Production Control Works".

Magma BUS

Magma BUS is a comprehensive solution that solves operational business management and transport of passengers and cargo, for short, medium and long distance processes.

Magma IES

Magma-IES is an integral system for integral insurance company management . Its structure is totally based on the Magma-Tools

Magma PSA

MagmaPSA (Professional Services Automation) is an integral solution designed specifically to respond to the needs of companies offering Professional Services.


MagmaTools (Development Tool Set) is the name of the tool suite developed for the building and/or modification of company oriented applications. 
Magma Tools