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Magma IES
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Magma IES

Magma-IES is an integral system for integral insurance company management . Its structure is totally based on the Magma-Tools suite embedded within the product, which allows great flexibility for the definition of products, circuits, processes, etc. All frequently asked questions about Magma IES
¿Magma-IES provides specific aspects of insurance or area also manages the BackOffice?

Magma-IES The product can be used for the complete management of an insurance company. This includes the re-aseguros specific functionality such as, management policies, claims, legal case tracking, billing, as well as all aspects related to the administration area. accounting modules (adjusted to the model of insurance companies), finance, suppliers, purchasing, etc. are provided The integration between the two areas is 100% transparent and on-line, there is a need to implement interfaces of any kind.

¿Magma-IES has developed for specific products or classes?

No, Magma-IES is licensed with a basic model that allows the definition of Ramos and products freely using Magma-Tools tools. This allows customers to configure the system to their real needs as the company is creating new services and products. In this way it is possible to configure the product to manage such diverse branches such as Automotive, Sureties, Fire, etc.

Can I use Magma-IES partially if I have a corporate BackOffice?

If you can generate operations using tables or by transfer to WebServices operations carried out in Magma-IES are incorporated into BackOffice. It must be analyzed in each case the best way to integration.
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