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Magma PSA
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Magma PSA

MagmaPSA (Professional Services Automation) is an integral solution designed specifically to respond to the needs of companies offering Professional Services. All frequently asked questions about Magma PSA
What is MagmaPSA?

MagmaPSA is an integral solution designed specifically for professional service companies. With MagmaPSA, companies can increase their profitability by improving their use of resources, reducing administrative expenses, improving their cash flow and in general managing the company operations better. MagmaPSA was developed using our MagmaTEC (Time & Expense Control) solution and MagmaERP , which we adjusted to manage a project-oriented organization efficiently. For more information, please visit the MagmaPSA page.

What are the benefits of using MagmaPSA?

By using MagmaPSA, your company can obtain important benefits, such as: Improved cash flow; reduced number of uninvoiced hours; better use of resources; reduced administrative costs. More importantly, MagmaPSA will help you increase your company profitability.

Who is MagmaPSA focused on?

MagmaPSA has been thought to cover the specific needs of the companies or departments that provide professional services, where work is organized around projects or accounts, where employees have specific knowledge and skills and can be assigned to different accounts or projects in various functions through time. Some examples are: Accounting firms; law firms; architect firms; consulting firms; IT Departments; Technical Service Departments, etc.

Can I make interfaces with other products?

MagmaPSA is designed on a flexible tool that enables the system to adapt to your needs, including interaction with other systems.
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