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Magma Tools
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Magma Tools

MagmaTools (Development Tool Set) is the name of the tool suite developed for the building and/or modification of company oriented applications. With this product, Magma implementers and developers (or any external company) have all the tools to model and/or produce applications in any company area. This product is provided as part of Magma applications[...]. All fecuency answers and questions about Magma TOOLS
Can I use Magma Tools independently?

Yes. It is possible to develop supplementary applications to those installed originally if the contract specifically includes the Magma Tools use licenses. However, it is convenient to carry out the developments under the supervision of Magma technical personnel to optimize the development process of these new applications.

Are there Magma Tools training courses?

Yes. There are courses about the use of this product. This provides autonomy for the company staff to adjust the system to future needs. The courses are around 40 hours long.
Magma Tools