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Complementary Products
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Complementary Products

Magma WIS (Web Information System)

It is an application that complements the solutions in the area of administration, in order to reduce operating costs and improve customer and supplier management. The basic objective is to make available to customers and suppliers, a system of self Internet consultation on the situation and status of their current accounts, complementing service delivery of information generated at the time of payment documents.


Reports on the availability of funds in the future, and how varied historically.
Combined data feed - Database / Payroll. Updating information in the form modified the database (deferred maturities, etc.).
Free definition of analysis periods (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, combined).

Fixed asset

Control physical location of assets.
Accounting control unit and cost center.
Amortization - Reassessment both accounting and tax.
Automatic generation of seats revaluation - depreciation.
Annexes to the accounting journals automatically.
Automated initial migration process.

Economic budget

Definition of multiple economic budgets.
Management of various types of periods in the same budget (monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually, etc.)
Comparison between actual data (obtained from accounting) and budgeted, with percentages and offset values. Allow to study the information separating by cost center or by handling it in a consolidated settlement account.
Management units (lt., Kg., Etc.) accounts for those in need.
Creating a budget from actual accounting information.
Loading in any currency. Cargo from Excel.

Integral Accounting analysis in a single product (Magma Drill Down)

This new product Magma provides you with those responsible for the administrative management of the company, have an analysis tool type Drill - Down (From the general to the particular) of enormous flexibility. To analyze the accounting of one or more companies, consolidated, browsing through different accounts and opening up to the level of receipts.
All information can be re-expressed in real time to any currency / index and filtered in real time according to the needs of the moment.

Magma IDEA - Interactive Data Extraction & Análisis

Magma IDEA is a product-information analysis that allows users (non-technical) generate information on demand without programming.
The concept that best defines the product is its simplicity of use and power to handle large volumes of information online.
With this product the user has a suite of tools to analyze the information stored in the database in various formats:

Grids or lists records
Key values (special indicators)

Bank reconciliation

Entering information bank statements either by manual mechanisms or through interfaces with DATANET / DATACASH / ASCII standard Magma.
Ability to define various rules that indicate how to link information system provided by the bank automatic reconciliation process.
Auto reconciliations (detection of movements that cancel each other).
Manual adjustment links generated by the automatic process. Standard reports:

unreconciled bank statements
List of each settlement.
Close conciliation


integrated management of import folders
Registration Linked import Comprobantes
Control status of each folder
Automatic costing of the products contained in each folder at closing
Online maintenance history Imports


Allow control and monitoring of procurement management from generation requisition to receipt of material or service certification.
Includes different types of shopping: shopping orders closed purchase (with quantities and agreed with the supplier prices), purchase orders framework (with agreed prices without quantities), open purchase orders (with agreed price and estimated amounts may vary depending on market conditions).
It enables making materials, request quotes, quotes into the system and assign the selected image to a purchase order (PO) quote. The latter will by full or partially fulfilled the requisition. Receipt of material or service certification will be against this order form to which deducted the amounts paid. You can configure circuits except for the entry of materials that have not gone shopping. These circuits will be limited to certain items of materials. Transactions involving an entry of materials in the company or service certification will reflect a contable.Cada article may have an associated accounting account, should you not have be taken of the corresponding category.
Will be available balances required pending purchase material and / or sector, purchased owed by suppliers (backordered) for material and / or supplier, which is traveling, etc. as well as the composition of these balances.
In turn, allows for operational control and management reports as well as historical information about the various stages of management.

Magma PCM - Professional Contact Management

This new product allows Magma efficiently manage the entire network of business contacts. Full implementation is WEB by allowing its use and management where needed.
Contact means any natural or legal person on whom you want to keep detailed information, contact examples

Business Partners
Company integrates cameras
Potential Clients - Targets

In turn lets you define and manage existing relationships between each of the contacts managed. Sets freely types of relationships, membership of each relationship, the characteristics of that relationship in free form. Examples of relationships:

Members of society with their positions and% integration.
Relevant contacts within a company to be considered
What my business professionals are affected to a particular
Partners in a given Contact
Consortium partners and their positions
Companies linked to a contact

Finally the contacts can be qualified (or "tagged them") so as to classify by multiple criteria searches, as an example can be d tagger for example,

Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Employees
Employees with Post-Degree in Labor Law
Class Customers
Customers in government relations
Office supplies Providers

Security Roles for accessing and modifying data, type of roles

Just visualize Basic Information
Only view and modify Basic Information
Basic Information Display + Relationships
full permission on Core Data and Relationships
Magma Tools